“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his. He changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Daniel 2:20–21, KJV). It is God who sets up nations and rulers in the earth to do his divine purpose. It is God who removes nations and rulers according to his divine purpose. The Bible says promotion doesn’t come from the east, or the west, or from the south, but God is the judge over all, and he removes one and sets up another (Psalm 75:6–7). The Bible teaches us that God made all nations from the blood of one man named Adam to cover the face of the earth. He also decreed beforehand the times for every individual and nations to live upon the earth, and has set the limits of their dwelling (Acts 17:26).

The United States was set on course for a divine purpose from God. God allowed the United States to become a nation for several reasons. The Rapture Factor brings out those reasons as well as the reasons for the coming demise of the United States in the world.

The word factor means a contributory element or determining the cause of things. Factors can change the outcome of events. In our daily lives, we all experience factors that can change the way we live or the decisions we make. For instance, we could have gone on a picnic in the park, but it is rainy outside. We can’t afford to buy something we’ve always wanted, so we will have to wait until we get the money saved up. We would have won the baseball game if he hadn’t hit that homerun in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. Did you see the football bounce right off the receiver’s helmet into the hands of the running back as he ran it in for the winning touchdown? Even history teaches us about factors that affect the outcome of events. During the battle of Long Island in the summer of 1776, hundreds of British ships loaded with troops sailed into the New York harbor. General Washington was in New York with his army, but his men were inexperienced. The Americans marched into a trap on Long Island and since they were outnumbered, the men panicked. Washington decided to retreat with his men across the East River to Manhattan Island. By luck (a factor), a fog had moved in. His boats were manned by Massachusetts fishermen who were used to sailing in fog, and Washington’s army escaped.

The Bible gives examples about factors that affect the outcome of things. One example is Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Because of their disobedience of God’s command, they had to leave the garden and thus brought sin and death to mankind. All these factors influenced the decisions and outcomes of lives and events.

There is a coming event called the rapture that is going to have an effect upon everything in the world, including the United States. No one knows the exact time when the rapture will happen. The rapture will be the big factor that will bring about huge changes in the United States. Those who know Jesus Christ as their savior will not be here when these changes take place. It will change the complete climate of the United States spiritually, economically, and militaristically. In the Rapture Factor, you will discover the what-if thought behind the changes that are coming because of the rapture in the United States. This book takes a look at the factors how this giant, the United States, became a nation, and its divine purpose in the earth. It also takes a look at the factors that continue to cause its fall and future collapse as a world power in the last days. It also brings out the factors why the United States will survive as a nation and be allowed to enter the millennial reign of Christ Jesus upon the earth.